5 Steps To Clean Pet Urine From Your Carpet

You might be having pets at home and hence your main concern would be to keep your home clean. When there are pets, you will see that sometimes they would accidentally urinate on the carpet. This can create issues for sure. With the five steps given below, you will be able to take up pet urine stain removal from the carpet.

pet urine stain removal from the carpet
  1. Soak up the urine from the carpet

The first thing that you need to do is soak up the urine from the carpet. You must dry up the carpet because if the pet urine stays in the carpet and if it goes to the padding then the carpet will be damaged.

  1. Use distilled water to remove the remnants of the urine

If you have distilled water at home then that can be used to remove the remnants of the urine from the carpet. This is one of the important remedies to get rid of the urine and urine smell from the carpet. When the carpets get dirty and have a pee smell, you will find it disgusting and you will not like it. Make sure that you take quick steps and find the relevant carpet cleaning solution to fight this off.

  1. You can use a combination of baking soda and white vinegar

If still, a small area of the carpet is affected with pet urine, but the smell is too strong then you will have to work towards pet urine stain removal from the carpet. This is an important part of cleaning the carpet. If you keep the pet urine as it is then there will be problems for sure. So, get ahead with the combination of white vinegar and baking soda. Apply this solution to the affected area where the pee is there. This combination will neutralize the smell quickly and will remove the pet urine from the carpet.

  1. Just sprinkling baking soda and vacuum cleaning

Lastly, you can just make the carpet fresh once again by sprinkling baking soda all over the carpet and then doing vacuum cleaning.

  1. Fan dry the carpet

The last carpet cleaning step will be to let the carpet stay in an airy space. You can let it get dry in the air or fan.

This is something that will help in pet urine stain removal from the carpet. Pet urine can be an irritating and disgusting thing. So, be open to the idea of creating the basic choices. The above-mentioned routine is a good one when your carpet gets affected by pet urine. You will have to handle the same in that fashion. 


Carpet stains and bad odors due to pet pee can be problematic things. So, you have to take the relevant decision and find the right way. Some people always think that the smell will go away on its own. But it is also about the hygiene factors. As soon as you come across pet pee, make it a habit to clean the same. This will make your carpets perfect.So, contact our Carpet Cleaning Company today!